I wish you had spoken 

The things you never said stayed me with me and haunted me all these years

The words you never uttered, echoed in my ears all these years,

These sentences are familiar yet so foreign,

They are dangerously calm and tauntingly loud,

I wish you had spoken to me,

Because the words of silence are more agonizing than the words spoken,

                   **Falak Zia**

She once said

I am scared to be alone at night” she once told him,

Since then he never leave her grave at night,

Its cold out there when it rains” she once said

Since then he always covered her grave with a blanket incase it rained,

I love roses so much, i wish i had dozens of them” she once said

Since then he had put bouquets of roses on her grave everyday,

I love homemade food more” she once said

Since then he never had eaten out,

Will you get the tattoo of my name“? She once joked

Since then he had gotten ten tattoos of her name,

I believe God is there out somewhere” she once said

Since then he had seen oftenly in the mosque,

I love you” she once said

Since then he whispered these words to her grave countless times,

                    **Falak Zia**

*Not afraid to love*

She is not afraid to love again,

What she is afraid of is putting her all trust on you, only to be her trust broken,

She is not afraid to love again

What she is afraid of is giving you her heart, only to be her heart ripped,

She is not afraid to love again

What she is afraid of is giving her all, only to be taken for granted

She is not afraid to love again,

What she is afraid of is investing herself in you, only for herself to be crushed,

She is not afraid to love again,

What she is afraid of is rebuilding herself and starting over and over again, only to be left behind everytime,

                     **Falak Zia**

Your long forgotten

I was your long forgotten, you were my everytime remember,

I was your left behind, you were my look forward,

I was your pain, you were my pure bliss,

I was your sometimes noticed, you were my always longing,

I was your pitch-blackness, you were my heaven’s path light

I was your peel of heart, you were my whole heart,

I was all yours, you were a little bit mine,

“And just like a blow of wind, you came and gone but took a piece of my heart with you, a beautiful part that will stay forever with you, though my intention was to overcome this part”

                **Falak Zia**

Fierce flame

I will set my soul on the fire,

And watch you burn, 

I will be burnt by the fire,

“But you”

You will be ignited with the feirce flame of love, that will tore you into pieces and into ashes and into nothing,

Your breathe stolen, your mouth open, your eyes slit, your heart ripped, your soul taken,

I will set my soul on the fire ,

And watch you burn

~Falak Zia